Saturday, April 24, 2010




Tuesday, April 20, 2010

semashur is our life

graduan semua..
ingat ini lagi tak??

Do we ever feel the hostel life?
Do we ever feel out of place?
Like somehow we just don't belong
And no one understand us
Do we ever wanna run away?
Maybe bout our partner or roommate
Or the seniors around shout so loud
And no one hears us screaming

You are always feeling fine
Cause seniors always right
And we are trying so hard to be like you
To be loved
To be cared
To be the part of your day
To be kicked when we're down
To feel like we've been pushed around
To be the juniors of hostel life
When no one there to save us
You are always feeling fine
SEMASHUR is our life

We don't wanna be somebody else
We are sick of being pushed around
Just let us go and have some fun
Before out time is over

We are stuck in the world we love
Juniors love seniors forever
With the big fake smiles and never lies
And no one's there to save us

SEMASHUR always giving us what we wanted
And no one ever stabs us in the back
You should think we're happy
And we're gonna be ok
We are always giving you what you wanted
And what we wanted is always there
SEMASHUR is our life
It's alright

SEMASHUR is our life
SEMASHUR is our life
ML is our life

5 thn cpt je berlalu
sekarang dah jadi ex-semashur dah

konvo pun dh berakhir,


friendship kita tak akan berakhir

congrats kat anda semua sbb dah jadi
warga ML 0509 yg berjaya


GOOD LUCK utk masa-masa akan datang