Friday, October 7, 2011

Salam Perantauan Dari USA

By the name of Allah, we begin......

Just copy and paste from my blog. This is my story about my Aidilfitri..

Pre-Raya Photoshoot

We decided to shoot some pictures of our batch to send to Salam Perantau. The pictures were taken at Kirkland Hall, Vanderbilt University.
Vanderbilt 2014 
Future Chemical Engineers Insya Allah
Eid Prayer
This year I was able to perform Eid Prayer at the Tennessee State University with other Muslims in Nashville.
Pic in front of Branscomb before going to Eid Prayer
After Eid Prayer at Tennessee State University
Small celebration
My batch decided to have a small celebration that day, so after class, we cooked some light Raya dishes.  
Vandy 14's small celebration
Rendang ayam, nasi impit, sambal ikan bilis, kuah kacang, roti jala, kari ayam, bengkang roti
MISG Raya Celebration

I went to Purdue University to attend Malaysian Islamic Study Group (MISG) Annual Delegate Conference. It was a good experience meeting other people from different university and receiving new knowledge about dakwah.  
Picture with Ikhwah
Vanderbilt 14's Open House

Our batch decided to organize an Open House an inviting the whole Malaysian community at Vanderbilt to the event. The menu were Satay, Rendang Ayam, Nasi Impit, Kuah Kacang, Ayam masak merah, acar, buah Melaka, kuih, sirap limau & cocktail. 
My batch's Open House
Salam Aidilfitri
Trip to Washington DC

I was participating in High Performance Debate Malaysian Language Fest held at Malaysian Embassy in Washington DC. This was the first time this event was organized. The VIPs for this event is the Malaysian Ambassador Dato Seri Jamaludin Jarjis and Tan Sri Sharifuddin. During our trip there, we stayed in one of the Malaysian officer in Vienna.  
At the Officer's House
At Malaysian Embassy at Washington DC 
There are also some open houses held by other Malaysian that I went to. This year's Raya was indeed a very nice experience for me. Hope that this year's Ramadan is better that previous years.  

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Distance Make Us Apart...

Separation is like tree, it needs the fertilizer of sacrifices and tears to water and nourish the fruits of trust, miss and love...

As i read our beloved friends' post, either in facebook or blog, sometimes it trigger this corner of my heart, a jealousy might be, to see them smile in various foreign places & enjoying themselves.

At another side of my heart, it keeps telling me to pray for everyone's safety, either in Malaysia or some other part of this world. They have their opportunity and so do we. Insya-Allah.

Hope they can strive the best within their capabilities from the help of Allah and be a human who can infiltrate both the wall of success and barrier of Western countries.

"Nor walk on the earth with insolence: for you can not rend the earth asunder nor reach the mountain in height" (17:37)

Please be grateful to what was blessed to us this whole hard time. :)

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

salam sayang, moscow :)

just nak post satu video ni
kalau rajin tengok la :)
nothing much

actually, nak cakap
saya sangat rindu ML 0509
hihi :P
semoga kita semua berjaya dalam apa
jua bidang walau dimana jua kita berada :D
doakan saya disini

ps; saya tgh ade masa, sbb tu saya update blog ni..mmndangkan class pn tak start lg..and lagi satu, nak menyerikan sikit blog ni, sbb tukang cadang dah kecoh-kecoh blog ni tak berseri..walaupun post ni sbnrnye takde la membantu pun nak menyerikan blog least saye try :) @tukang cadang, takmo geram-geram lagi ye :) peace :p marilah bersama-sama kita menyerikan blog ni..sekian, assalamualaikum